Business Ideas

Business is tough and always changing.  All you need to do is look at blackberry. They were at the top of the cell phone market just a few years ago and now they are in real trouble.

New business innovations are always on the attack and the android smartphones came from a different lane and took over.  The apple iphones are still leaders, but there are always new ideas that come to the market that are snapping at business heels.

Don’t think that only technology companies are at risk.  Blockbuster video is going through a lot right now also.  They were the big kid on the block, but a new upstart Netflix came with a different business model and changed the game.  The innovation does not stop. The business world is always looking for more ways to deliver what the customer wants.

There can be differences in price and differences in quality.  Business has to find a way to stay afloat and keep bringing in new customers.  Companies get big and companies shrink or go away completely.  Fortunes are gained and lost in business.  Employees are sitting on the sidelines and they are the subject to the decisions of the business leaders.

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