Business – Home Internet Business or Regular Retail Business

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Home business is no different than any of the other types of businesses that you run across during your strolls around town. The stores that are in your local mall have some of the same issues that you have in your home business. They have technology issues. They have issues with driving traffic to their websites. They have issues with getting sales.

One big difference that you don’t have with a home business is all of the costs that a regular brick and mortar business deal with. The regular retail business has some physical hard costs every month. They might have a larger electricity bill. They might have to pay for real security guards that come around to check their stuff to make sure that people don’t just walk away with the merchandise. They have more employees that they have to pay for. They might have real storage fees. Your home business probably doesn’t have to think about all of those issues.

Your home business might have some fees for web hosting. It might have some fees for internet services like high speed web access. You might pay money for professional writing services. You might even have some business insurance for your home business. If your home business is focuses more on services, you might have more fees related to software. Your home business might allow more room for creativity. You are focusing on services and less on hard physical goods. You might be promoting physical goods on your home business website but you could just be an affiliate for amazon dot com.

Your home business could be totally focused on affiliate marketing. Getting people to sign up for your ezine and simply adding affiliate links inside of your newsletter. Maybe your business is setting up blogs and using cost per action marketing where all you are doing is providing leads for other businesses. There is a real battle going on between regular retail businesses and internet based businesses.

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