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where is the demand

If the demand for the product or service is not there, you don’t make the money.  Think about the winter.  It is cold outside.  It might be snowing or it might be raining.  You are in sales and you have a product.  Your product is summer shorts.  Do you think that your product would sell when it is really cold outside?  People would not be demanding short pants and sunglasses in the harsh and cold winter.

how can you supply the demand

You turn on the tv and you see people camping outside the big box electronics store.  You see people lined up outside of the athletic shoe store when a limited edition expensively priced shoe is ready to be released.  Black friday comes around and people are ready to almost go to blows for the super cheap door buster sales.  People have all kinds of wants and desires.  They want food.  They want clothes and housing and lots of other stuff.  What about the feeling of going into a store and seeing what you want, but they don’t have it in your size?  The item that you wanted was not in stock.  Think about all those people that ordered items, but they didn’t arrive on time.  How can you supply the demand?

do the important things

What do you want to do?  Do you have a list?  Writing down your plans and tasks helps bring some focus.  All of the items on the list don’t have the same weight.  Do some items need to get done before others?  Which ones are the most important?  Order the list and get those things done.  Are there tasks that you can outsource?  Can you break the work down into smaller tasks that can be done by someone else?  Can some of the work be delayed?  Start looking at project management for your business.


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