Business Development – Biz Cards, Basic Website, Squeeze Page and Building a Blog

One of the items that you need for a business is biz cards. You might need them when you are walking around town or when you go to conventions or conferences. Don’t you want to get cheap biz cards? You just need to have something that gives your contact information in a professional manner. Some people spend big money on biz cards, but getting them for the best price possible is my main goal.

Every business needs at least a basic website. Why does a business need a basic website? The simple reason is that we are living in a connected society. People are going to check your information online. They might not even have to wait to do it. They can pull up the web on their smartphones to see that your company is for real. A basic website adds a little bit of credibility.

A business might also want to look into getting a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a special web page. It contains text and graphic plus a sign up form. The internet is a great place to do lead generation and a squeeze page is the tool to get the job done.

Don’t forget about building a blog. A blog is also a special website. You can add content to a blog easily and the search engines tend to like them. Post content to your blog regularly. A business could use a blog to help drive web traffic to the main website or a lead generation page.

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