Building Quick Websites with Content Management Systems like WordPress

Content management systems are the easy way to publish information online.  Content Management wha…?  Let’s break it down a little.  You don’t need to spend big money online to have a good looking site.  You can just write and hit publish and get a great looking site.

But wait!  You are not a programmer or a web designer.  Anybody, yes anybody can get a good looking site fast with a cms like wordpress.  All you have to do is install the system and get out of the way.  Learn the basics of using the system and you are home free with a good looking site.

Are you afraid of doing software installations?  You are not alone.  Now there are quick install programs for wordpress that you can use.  Make sure that the web hosting company that you use has this option.  It can make a big difference.  If you are scared to mess up a wordpress install, the quick install feature will give you a sigh of relief.  All you have to do is get a domain name and a hosting account.  Select the quick install and tell the software where you want the new site to be setup.  Enter your email address, new blog name and boom, your new site is created and your user information is emailed to you when the whole setup is complete.

It is amazing to hear about people online that don’t have a website.  You can go right now to the warrior forum and see people that want to get started with cpa marketing that don’t have a website.  If they only knew how easy it was to setup a site on their own web hosting.  Getting a new website setup in just minutes is a reality.

Think about the person that is starting a new home business. They don’t have to fork over big bucks to a designer to get online.  Just a couple of quick steps and they can have a professional looking site with quick installs. 

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