Building Backlinks – Is your website like a deserted island?

Searching for free web traffic?  People want more traffic to their websites and blogs.  Search Engine Optimization is one way to attempt to get traffic.  Writing articles with seo keywords and posting them to your blog or website is a common idea.  But what happens when you don’t see any results?

Logging into your google analytics account and finding that no one is coming to your site after you have posted a lot of content can leave you scratching your head.  You post article after article but you still don’t get any traffic. Are you doing something wrong? 

Posting new information to your blog is supposed to get you more readers but it is just not happening for your site.  Have you tried getting backlinks for your website?  Your website might be filled with great information but it is still not getting found in a sea of information.  There are new blogs and websites getting created all the time and there is a lot of competition when it comes to content.

Think of your website or blog as an island sitting off somewhere in the ocean.  It might be a beautiful paradise with beautiful beaches and breathtaking weather.  How do people know about this great island?  They won’t.  You could do all kinds of great things on the island. You could build great hotels and resorts.  You could create wonderful roads.  You could design great brand new nightclubs.  But right now there is just you on the island.

What your island is missing is a direct route of people coming to your island. You would want scheduled flights coming into your island on a regular basis.  You would want workers to man your new operations.  You would need to market in other venues around the globe to let them know about this great new place to visit.  And you would need to do it on a constant basis.  When you think of vacations right now what are the top two destinations that come into your mind? Hawaii maybe? What about Las Vegas? 

Your website could be great but it doesn’t have marketing in other locations your island will sit idle.  It doesn’t have other websites saying hey go visit this place its great.  It doesn’t have those direct flights into your location.  When you think of las vegas what do you think of?  Entertainment, sporting events, big hotels, great food, night  life and big flashing lights.  What do you want your website or blog to be associated with?

Getting direct flights into your blog or website might be accomplished by guest blogging, article marketing, or video marketing.  When you create your new website or blog it is just like a far away island.  You have to find a way for people to learn about your island.  You have to find a way to get people to want to visit.

Creating good content and posting it to your website is always a good idea.  But what is really considered good content?  Posting content might not be enough to get you traffic in the crowded online space.   

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