Building an Online Business

Creating Content

Get in the mode and start cranking up the content.  What can you do to help get more content for your sites?  The answer is simple and right in front of your face.  All you have to do is start writing more.  You don’t have to be the best writer from around the globe.  You can write with your own tone and style.  The key is to keep writing new content and keep adding it to your online properties like blogs, websites and email newsletters.  You are only one person and there are only so many hours during the day.  Another keyword that you have to learn is leverage.  You might not write all the content for your online properties.  It might help to get others to write content that you can use.

How can you get other people to write content?  There are lots of other writers that have content that they want to share.  They might give you the content for free, but the price is a link back to their site.  This is called guest blogging.  Why would someone want to give you content for free when writing is so valuable online?  The guest bloggers are thinking like online farmers.  They are trying to spread their content around the web in good ground.  They want to get their content seen by larger audiences in the hopes that the people that read the articles will click through the link at the end of the article to visit their site.

Evergreen Articles – Are you thinking long term with your article writing

Articles might not be popular at the start.  Your articles might need some time to build up some steam.  It can be like a car that is having problems with acceleration.  You get the car moving in motion, but it takes time to really get rolling.  Instead of worrying about getting a whole lot of traffic, just keep adding to your online article database.   Keep your articles centered around topics that have a long lasting power.  You might not get immediate traffic, but it could start to pick up steam later.

Turn the World Into Your Office