Building a Referral Business

People rush to the internet to try to earn money.  Are they missing another way of earning that they already perform all the time?  This is not talking about coming up with a new skill or learning something new to make money.  What if you are already in a position to start earning?

There are some simple questions that you have to ask yourself.  Do you know people? Have you ever bought any products?  Have you ever told anybody about an experience buying or consuming a product? If you can answer these questions, you are a prime candidate for using leverage.

It is all about sharing information and making connections.  Do your friends trust you?  Do they listen to what you have to say?  What if you tried something and you really liked it?  What would be the first thing that you would do?  Would you tell a friend about it?  This is a potential business transaction.

Companies pay money for bringing in sales.  People might be familiar with the term salesman. They might immediately think about a person standing on a car lot and helping them buy a car.  That is not the only way that sales happen.  People might have a negative image of a salesperson as someone that tricks a person into buying something that they don’t need.  We are not talking about that kind of business transaction.  There is a way to earn money by generating referrals.

Referrals are like selling without being a salesperson.  It could just be sharing information.  Share information with big groups.  Start thinking big about the potential.  You don’t have to be pushy.

What about taking your thinking to another level with referrals?  First, see if there are any programs that you can join. Next, start putting your plans into action.  You might want to setup your own websites or blogs around your referral business.

Turn the World Into Your Office

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