Bluetooth Headsets – Pairing Your Bluetooth Device to Your Cell Phone

After you have purchased your bluetooth device and cell phone, you can start the process of pairing your devices so that they work together.  Start by reading the manual on both devices.  Make sure that your phone is bluetooth compatible.  Most cell phones come with bluetooth technology installed but make sure that your device does have bluetooth because some lower end models might not have bluetooth.

Start by reading your cell phone manual.  It will walk you through the steps of connecting your headset to your phone.  You will usually begin by turning on your cell phone and starting the bluetooth searching service.  You put the phone into mode that will start looking for bluetooth devices close to the cell phone.

Make sure that your bluetooth device is charged up.  The bluetooth device should come with instructions on charging the device and putting the bluetooth headset into a mode that allows pairing with the cellphone.  You will have to read the instructions provided to learn how to start the pairing process.

The instructions should detail how to get the headset turned on and in pairing mode.  Your cell phone when searching should be able to find the bluetooth headset.  The bluetooth headset should have a code that is included in the instructions for pairing.  You will have to input this code to make the pairing process complete.  After the successful pairing of your phone with your bluetooth headset you should be able to make calls and have full use of your bluetooth headset.

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