Bluetooth Headsets and Cheap Cell Phones

If you are thinking about getting a really cheap cell phone, you should make sure that it comes with bluetooth. Your cheap cell phone should still have a feature that is becoming more common and expected.

Sometimes you don’t need to have all the bells and whistles for making phone calls. Cheap cell phones are great as a backup. There are plenty of smartphones on the market and the prices for those are starting to fall now that the prepaid cell phone carriers are getting into the market. You still might not want to plop down a bunch of money for those super smartphones.

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Cheap cell phones still have their place in our society. You might not need to check your email and use web applications all the time. Regular cell phones can come in handy just for your quick conversations or for a backup in case your main phone goes down.

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You can find some real good deals on the older flip type cell phones now. They are simple and easy to use and depending on the company that you buy it from, it can be a low cost option for calling. Prepaid phones are the way to go. You don’t have to worry about data plans or big bills every month. You can buy your minutes in blocks and use them as you need them. How many minutes do you talk on your phone currently? If you are not a big talker it might make more sense to adjust your calling plans and go for the cheaper plans.

Be sure to check that the phone you get has bluetooth. Even some of the really cheap models offer it now. There are so many more options for making calls these days. You may be wasting money with the wrong calling plans. It always helps to compare pricing and see if you can save more.

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