Bluetooth Headset – Would you not answer a call because your bluetooth headset is not connected?

Bluetooth headsets are just a normal part of your cell phone experience. But sometimes people take it too far. Would you not answer the phone if your bluetooth was not connected? There are some people that I know that will make you wait until they get the bluetooth up and running before they will even take the call. I think that it is really ridiculous.

Bluetooth headsets are convenient but I think not answering a call is going a little overboard. Some claim that they hear the calls better with the bluetooth headset rather than using the regular cell phone normally. I don’t buy it. You could always answer the phone and ask the caller to hold on a sec while you get your headset connected. I think it is just an excuse to not answer a call from someone that you don’t want to talk to.

Headsets are easy to install and connect but for some reason they sometimes don’t setup properly. Keeping your cell phone connected to your headset is a problem for some users. The problem might be that they keep the headset on all times during the day and never turn it off when they are not using it. Then the headset might not have enough charge to stay connected.

I guess some people really fall in love with their headsets and get use to using them all the time. When you don’t have access to a bluetooth headset, it can get a little annoying to keep your hand up to your ear to talk. A headset frees you up to do other things. The only other issue with small bluetooth headsets is remembering where you last kept it. There is no feature for finding a headset when you have misplaced it. One of the bluetooth headset manufacturers needs to come up with a solution for that. But I guess that headsets are so cheap that they expect you to just replace the lost one with a brand new one.

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