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There is simple no excuse for not having your own website anymore. You can create a blog in just a few minutes and join the web community. Blogs are simple but powerful websites that let you share information with the globe.

You can become your own publishing powerhouse. Write your content and post it to your site. Share your new blog posts online through social media applications like twitter, squidoo and facebook. Create an online site focused on the topics that you think are important.

Free is a big word online and many people choose to start blogging using a free blogging system like or These online applications are a good place to learn how to blog. The thing to remember is that when you are using someone else’s stuff, you have to abide by their rules. Think of it like you are borrowing a friends car and they have a lot of rules that you have to follow. If you break any of the rules, your driving will come to an end immediately. Once you learn the rules of the road and know how to blog, get your own online car. You don’t have to make a big down payment or take out a big loan to get it done. The costs for starting your own blog are not that high.

The costs of starting your own blog

Domain names are the street addresses of the web. When someone wants to find your house, you give them directions and a street address. Think about how you would give directions to your house? Is there a simple and easy way to get there? Domain names can be as complex or as simple as you make them. There is one thing that is different about domain names. Once someone has purchased a domain name it is pretty much theirs, unless they are cyber squatting. But that is a topic of another time. When you are starting a blog, you want a simple domain name that people can remember. When they type the web address in the browser bar, you want your site to come up without a problem. The other way that people find websites online is to type the name of the site into a search bar. So someone looking for home business blogs might just type those keywords into their google toolbar and click the link and land on your site.

Getting a domain name is quick. Just decide on a name that makes sense for your site. You will probably want to keep the domain name simple and a dot com is probably the best option. Here is another hint for those just starting out online. Buy the domain name of your personal name. Get there fast and purchase it before someone else with the same name does.

Web hosting for your blog

Free blog hosting takes a lot of the details and keeps them behind a curtain. You are getting your own blogging site and setting it up yourself. Don’t panic. The process is really simple now. You just need to find the right web hosting company to use. WordPress is a top blogging software. There are two ways to use wordpress. You want to host wordpress on your own web hosting. Go to hostgator and enter the promo code getwebhosting before checkout. Use the wordpress quick installs feature to get your blog setup. The steps are really easy. Just have an email address that you can use and the name of your new blog. They will send you the login information for you new blog when the setup is complete. WordPress quick installs does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes for you. Then just log into your new blog and get started.

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