Blogging with a Blogspot Blog

A super fast way to start blogging is to use blogger. Blogger is the blogging system that is run by google.
They make it really easy to get started. All you need to do is get an account and you are ready to start posting information online.

Create titles, add content and hit publish. It is not too difficult. Using a google blogspot blog also means that it is easy to add google adsense. The blogger templates are easy to customize. Pick from the designs and change the colors to your tastes.

Getting started with a blogspot blog is like getting your first car. It might not be the best car on the road, but it is what you learn to drive with. You are not giving up anything by using a google blog. If you want to focus on the content, the blog using this platform will be fine.

The only real issue with using a service like this is you don’t have too much control. You can spend a lot of hours adding content and updating the site and still lose your site. Blogs can get flagged for different reasons and you don’t have much of a chance of getting it back, if they take it from you.

With free blogs, you want to limit the ads that you place on the site. With other blogs that you really own, you could place ads and not be concerned. This is only the case when you have your own web hosting. Free blogs are still a great way to share information and learn the way to blog.

Blogs are also a great place to share your videos and pictures. If you are great with a video camera or you take great pictures, you can upload them to your blog or link to them. Sharing content on your blog is a great way to start building an online audience. You post content and regular people can come to your site and give their opinions. Blogging is a two way communication.

If you want to venture into blogging, but you are not ready to start spending money to do it, use a free blog. Blogger is a great place to start.

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