Blogging Tools for your home business

You can blog when and where you want to. One reason for blogging is the idea of blogging and working from home. What tools do you need to blog? If you are just going to be posting articles you just need a computer and internet connection. But you don’t want your blog posts to be plain text all the time.

Get yourself a good digital camera for taking pictures. You can snap shots when you find the time and use them to add visuals to your blog posts. Sure there are tons of pictures that you can use on places like flickr dot com but you might want to add a little bit of local flavor to your blog posts.

Add video to your blog. Pictures are great but video can be even better. You can use your smartphone or get a standalone video camera to make your videos. Videos for your blog can be entertaining or educational. You can use video to explain topics related to your business or do tutorials or show how to use your products. You can link to your videos that you place on youtube in your blog. Another source of video content can be using screen capture software.

Don’t forget about doing podcasts! People listen to music with their ipods but they also like to use them to learn new things. Get the audio software that makes recording your podcasts simple. This can be yet one more tool to extend your content for your blog. Think about turning all of your blog posts into audio podcasts that your visitors can download. You might be able to sell those podcasts online. Your computer should have a microphone jack. Search online for a good quality wired headset or get a usb dongle and use a bluetooth headset for your recordings.

These are just a few tools that you can use for your blogging activities. Find good quality devices that allow you to create blog content in multiple formats for more exposure.

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