Blogging Tips – Traffic and PLR

Blogging with simple tools is the best.  You can start a blog and learn the basics with blogger.  It is pretty simple to use.  Write your content and hit the publish button.  Your content is online and the site looks really good.  You don’t need to know how to design a site.  You just pick a theme from the list of blogger templates.

Keep your blog fresh with new content by using private label rights articles.  What can you do with plr?  Make sure that you pay attention to the rules that apply to the content.  You can find articles that fit your niche.  Rewrite the content to add your own tone of voice and keywords.  Upload them to your blog with ease.

A blog has to be concerned with mobile devices these days.  Just look around while you are on the town.  It will not be long before you see regular people with tablet computers.  The apple ipad is a really popular tablet.  Some people like to read blogs on their tablets.  Is your blog ready for a mobile web browser?  Blogger blogs can be customized to be mobile ready.  Take a look at the mobile king.

Social Media and blogging go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Social media is a way to expand your reach online.  You might complete a brand new blog post and have it immediately posted to your social media sites like twitter or facebook.  Don’t forget to use linkedin.  It is the serious social network that is used for business.

Getting traffic to your blog might require more than just free marketing.  Take a look at Pay Per Click Ads.  The cost to get started is not too high.  Add it into your blogging budget.  You are really running a business with a blog.  You can find vouchers for Google Adwords.  There are other search advertising programs that you can use.  7Search and Bing Ads are some alternatives for getting started with paid ads.  Be ready to crawl before you walk with paying for traffic.  Take a look at guides like ppc marketing for beginners.

With blogging, you might repeat yourself.  Remember this for your blogging efforts.  There is nothing wrong with letting your message sink in.   Repeating your main points can be helpful for your audience.  Don’t forget to use those Private Label Rights articles.  They can come in handy when you are in an online jam for content.  View plr brainstorm, get new ideas on how you can get the most from your plr purchases. Think instant affiliate income.

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