Blogging – Keep Writing

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Writing content for your blog should not stop.  You have to keep creating new content.  The start of your blog might not give you the traffic that you want.   The question to ask is if you are a quitter?  No, I didn’t think so.

The writing has to keep flowing to have a chance.  When you want to do something, you have to be prepared to fail.  Failing is just a part of the process.  You have to learn to write more often and put your work online.

You have a blog and it is yours.  Keep feeding your blog new content.  Keep failing forward with more information.  Think about why you got started with blogging?  What were you trying to accomplish?  What do you know about blogging now that you have been doing it for a while?  What would you do different?  The questions will keep coming and you can answer them with your blog.

Failing is okay if you don’t stop.  Keep going to see where the blogging road takes you.  The content that you create might not do too much today.  You have to think about the long term.  Each time that you are dropping a new blog post into your blog, think about what happens when you drop a pebble into a body of water.  The pebble that you throw creates a little wave.  Just keep adding those pebbles and rocks to your blog.  You are building a solid foundation of content that has the chance to pay off into the future.

Remember that people are searching the web for information all the time.  They are not just sitting at home doing it either.  They are walking around looking for information.  You never know when your kind of information will break through.  It might not be this year.  It might not be next year.  You just want to keep adding new content to give yourself a chance going forward.

Don’t give up on your blog.  Write some more.  Think about all the good reasons for keeping your blog around.  You can keep your writing skills sharp.  You can gain some new skills on using your blogging platform.  You can improve your typing skills.  You can improve your organization skills.  Your writing content doesn’t have to just stay in the written form.  Take your content in new directions with other media formats.  Your blog can double the content with videos.  Don’t stop writing.  Keep your blog filled with new content.

Your blog can be your online lead generator.  Get an email sign up box.  Start thinking about how to turn your blog into a money maker.  Join some affiliate marketing programs.  Start taking your blog content and turning the articles into ebooks.  Give some ebooks away.  Sell some ebooks.  Don’t stop writing content.

Come up with some evergreen content that won’t go out of style.  Load your blog up with content so that it runs like a machine.  Schedule your blog posts.  Keep writing.

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