Blogging – How many new blogs are launched everyday?

How many new blogs are launched everyday? That is a question that I wanted to learn the answer to. Blogging is becoming all the rage and just about everybody has one.

I decided to head on over to my favorite search engine and type in the search how many new blogs are launched everyday to see what the results were. This was the first result that popped up. It was kind of old and it was talking about websites being launched instead of blogs specifically.

This was the second result from the search. Blogs are just easy to use websites that make it simple for regular people to post information online. In the past, web development was much tougher. People had to learn how to code html and go through a lot of technical details to build web pages. Over time the process has become easier with newer software.

The whole reason to even think about how many new blogs are launched everyday is to think about the potential for new writing opportunities. Every blog needs to have content. Each day new blogs are getting started and after a while some of those blog owners are going to realize that they don’t want to do it all by themselves. That is where the opportunity exists.

Blogs can be launched in all kinds of niche markets. It is a great way to find targeted audiences online. Another point to remember is that people might start more than just one blog. They start and get the hang of it and realize how easy it is to create more of them.

How many blogs do you have? If you dont’ have a blog yet, what are you waiting for?

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