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  • Blogging from home to earn income
    Use your blog to earn income from your home.  Use all of your writing talents to come up with new interesting articles on the topics that you choose.  Blogging means that you are in control of the content.  You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you the green light to post content.  You can cover the topics that you want and you can write your content from home.  It only takes a few short steps to get started.
  • Blogging from home for affiliate cash
    Affiliate marketing is one option for making money with your blog.  Sign up for affiliate marketing programs that are related to your blog topic.  Adding your affiliate marketing links to your blog is simple and anybody can do it.  Just join the right affiliate networks.  There are lots of different programs to choose from and there is a lot of change happening right now.  Sometimes affiliate networks go out of business.  The affiliate marketing business is just like any other kind of business with ups and downs.  It is important to chose correctly when thinking about getting into the affiliate marketing game.  You do have to monitor your affiliate marketing links.  The programs can change over time and sometimes you will be required to remove links or update new affiliate links and graphics. Just keep this information in mind when you are considering getting involved with affiliate marketing.  It is a great way to earn income.  The powerful benefit of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to hold the inventory.  You are just passing the customers on to the products.
  • Blogging from home to build a list
    People really don’t get tired of getting the information they want.  Newsletters and ezines are one way that you can supply the info.  This is targeted traffic at its best.  You place a signup form on your website and get email subscribers.  Ezines and newsletters are the perfect platform for sending information.  Email is simple to use and it is a form of communication that people are comfortable with.  There is always room for more news and the email newsletter is a good option for delivery.  The cost is really low and you are talking to people that want to hear from you.  This is not sending spam messages that people didn’t want and information that they did not sign up for.  You might get people to sign up for your list by offering a free piece of information in the form of an ebook or a video.  Once you get them on the list, you have a chance to build a long and fulfilling relationship.  The only difference with using the web is that you are not spending a lot of money on postal delivery charges.  Do you have a subscription to a magazine?  What do you find inside?  You find articles that are related to the magazine niche and you find plenty of ads that fit the niche too.  This is the same idea that you can use with your newsletter or ezine.  Just make sure that they affiliate program allows email marketing.  You also want to use an email marketing company that makes it easy to stay in compliance with the internet marketing rules.
  • Setting up a website with weebly
    Building a website is easy with the right tools.  The software makes it easy to do now. You can just drag and drop the options into place and start adding your text.  There is not really much more that needs to be said.  The hardest part about making a website these days is picking the right design and adding the right type of content.  You will have to spend more time on making sure that your site is optimized for the search engines.  This means doing keyword research and tagging your text the right way.  This is not something that is hard to do.  Your basic website can be built with weebly in a matter of minutes.  The hard part is taken care of and you only have to focus on adding the content that people really want to read.
  • Setting up a website with hostgator
    You can start a site with hostgator and be online in just minutes.  Get your web address and get your hosting setup quickly.  Use the promo code getwebhosting at checkout to save. They have all kinds of software to help you get your site ready. If you are using wordpress for blogging or web development, use the quick install feature.  You can have a site setup in minutes.
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