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Blog with No Web Traffic = Poor Content

Is your content old and not fresh?  Blogs need to be updated with content that people want to read.  Give your blog more than just some regular boring text.  Mix up your blog with smaller and longer posts.  Add some images.  Make some podcasts and add some video.  Don’t do the same thing over and over again.

Blogging with colorful language is another option.  Talk on your blog like you would talk to your friend.  That is the wonderful part about using the web.  You can talk formal or you can talk in your regular slang.  Whatup!  With blogging it is okay.

Blog with No Web Traffic = Wrong Topic

You could be talking about something that nobody else on the globe cares about.  It happens.  This is the web and you can talk about what you want.  People just don’t have to read it.  You might not even care that lots of people don’t find your blog interesting.  Your blog is yours to do with what you please.

Blog with No Web Traffic  – Sucks when you are trying to sell something

You setup a blog with the thought of making a buck or two.  Then you setup all the ads and all the content and nobody cares.  Tough.  Start coming up with something that gets some eyeball views.  Take a look at the top headlines on ezinearticles.  See what is getting views.  That might point you in the right direction.  Start selling the sizzle with your article titles.  Check your keywords and see if it makes a difference.

Blog with No Web Traffic – Start posting more often

Don’t let your blog go months without adding something new.  Give your blog something new to chew on.  Keep feeding that puppy better content.  Get new article ideas. Brainstorm and see if you can come up with some new subjects. You can brainstorm the old school way with a paper and pen or you can download software to help you collect your thoughts.

Blog with No Web Traffic – Sometimes is takes time to get rolling

Your blog might be new and you want traffic fast. The thing to remember is that you site might not get a lot of traffic initially. That is okay too. It could take some time for your blog to start picking up some steam. Post links to your blog posts on social media sites. Create pdf ebooks that point back to your blog. Make videos and do podcasts. Start trying new methods for generating your own traffic. The search engines might start showing you some love after you get the ball rolling.

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