Blog Tips – Using PLR Articles

Think about all the blog owners that are ramming their heads up against the wall. They are having a hard time trying to come up with something new to add to their blogs. They know that blogs need to be updated to stay relevant.  Instead of keeping their blogs loaded with new fresh content, they have blogs that smell like the old garbage that is sitting on the corner in front of the house before the garbage truck comes to pick it up.  Those blogs are so old and smelly that you can see the vapors rising off of them.  Why are blog owners letting their content get old and stale?  There is no good reason for it.  There are plenty of content available that could help improve the bloggers situation.

The blogger could have created a site because they had a great idea for a new site.  It happens all the time.  They might have been minding their own business reading their favorite internet marketing forum and saw a thread that they couldn’t ignore.  Someone posted information about a brand new godaddy coupon code that had a super low price for domain name.  The blogger immediately opens up a new window on the firefox browser and heads over to the godaddy website.  Then the blogger takes their finger off of the mouse and thinks for a moment.  They don’t want to start typing in potential domain names.  If they come across a good one, they don’t want those domain snipers coming in at the last second and swiping the name.  The blogger instead chooses to visit the website domaintyper dot com.  Searching through a bunch of different thoughts, they finally come up with a really good domain name that is not registered.  Now they head back over to godaddy and enter the name.  A quick flip back to the internet marketing forum window to make sure that they have the right godaddy promo code and now it is time to enter it into the godaddy checkout system.  They apply the domain name discount code and the price magically changes to something much lower than the regular price.  The blogger starts to quietly chuckle at the people who have to spend the full regular price for domains. The buy button is pressed and now the new domain is owned and ready to be used for something spectacular.

Now a day passes and nothing is done.  The web hosting is already in place but the blogger has not made a move yet.  What is the problem?  The idea seemed good just a few days ago.  Now the reality has set in and the quick emotion is replaced with the lack of a real plan.

What are the options for a blogger in this position?  They could sit down and come up with a plan for the new domain name. Go the easy route and attach the new domain name to a cost per action email submit offer.  The blogger could setup a quick blog and start adding content.  Coming up with fresh content for a blog can be painful. Maybe sitting down over the weekend and writing until their fingers feel like they are going to fall off is the solution?  Another solution is really sitting down and using the brain.  The concept of leverage has to come into play.  Get all the content that is needed for a low price.  Is this the solution?

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