Blog SEO – Hit Your SEO Out of the Park like a MLB Home Run Champion

Content is important online. Your website needs to have new content and information that is relevant for your readers. Are you going to do all that writing work yourself?

Why focus on SEO at all?

Search engines are the place where people go to find information. Make sure that you have the information that people are looking for. You want to learn something new and you go to your favorite search engine. You pull up your browser and start typing. The words that you enter are called keywords.

You know your audience. Create the content that they want and need. There are a lot of questions about seo and keywords. Are they going to continue to be a big part of search engine traffic? The search engine changes the formula that they use to determine web site quality. Make sure that you are placing good content on your sites that your audience really wants.

How can you still get traffic and ignore the changes from the search engines?

Don’t rely on just one form of traffic. Free traffic from the search engines really puts your site at risk. You cannot depend on another source for consistent free traffic. You might need to look at other ways to generate web traffic including paying for traffic.

Don’t waste the traffic that you are getting right now. Setup an email list. Get the emails of your web visitors and start sending good information through your newsletter or ezine. List building is important and you don’t want to lose those web visitors that come to your site. Offer them something for showing up and joining your newsletter. Free ebooks are a good item that people will want.

Paid traffic and online marketing

If your site is not getting any traffic, you might want to start looking at paid traffic sources. Social media and free blogging might only take your site so far. Don’t stop doing the free marketing, but think about adding new sources of traffic to your site. Offline marketing and classifed ads might be a low cost way to get more people coming to your site.

Steady stream of quality content

Keep dropping new content on your site. You might not be hitting home runs with your content. Don’t worry, you are trying to do whatever you can to get on base. Keep hitting the singles. Keep bunting and working the pitcher on balls and strikes. Get on base with your content and bring in those runs.

Everybody wants to be the big home run hitting online. You want to make sure that you are making progress. You want to load those bases up with other base runners before hitting your home run. Build a solid foundation with your content and think long term with your sites.

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