Blog SEO – Find Targeted Online Traffic like a Blitzing NFL Linebacker on an Unprotected NFL Quarterback

Blog search engine optimization.  Targeting.  Blogging is so easy now that you need to find a way to get your own traffic.  The search engines can bring some traffic, but your blog still might be in no mans land.

The internet is a super highway.  Your blog is like an island.  You are there writing content like it is going out of style, but nobody can hear or see you.  You might be standing on the beach waving your hands all day, but there are no boats passing by.  Your blog is cut off from the real world.  It is just sitting there without anybody to play with.

Don’t you love football.  There is something that happens in football that leads to some really big plays.  There are two sides in football.  Offense and defense.  The offense is trying to score and the defense is trying to stop them from scoring.

Sometimes the defense decides to play high risk. Instead of just going along and reacting to what the offense wants to do, the defense instead tries to throw a monkey wrench into the situation.  They do what is called a blitz.  They bring a defender up close to the line of scrimmage or they wait a second after the ball is snapped and they go directly at the quarterback.

If the offense is not ready to deal with a blitz, it can result in a sack or worse, cause a fumble.  Now, what does all this talk about football have to do with your blog.  Nothing really.  I just like talking about football, but it could if you think about it.  You could continue playing by the rules and not getting any traffic.  There are lots of free methods for getting traffic.  Another option is to try something new and blitz.

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