Blog Content Writing – You can get started now

You can create websites.  Blogs are the easiest.  Can you create loads and loads of content?  Writing your information for your blog does not have to be too difficult.  You are already a writer.

Have you ever written a paper for class?  You probably have.  You might have been given an assignment by a teacher. They might have said, read this book and write a book report.  What did you do?  You got the book.   You read it and you created a book report.

This is writing that people are doing all the time.  What do you need to do?  You are organized and you can use the tools that they taught you in grade school. What is the first step?  Creating an outline.

Outline is little more than making a list of what you want to talk about.  Listing each topic that you want to cover, one by one.  Taking this one step helps get your article ready for writing.

The outline helps you focus.  It is just like pulling together a puzzle. You start from the edges with a few important pieces and start filling in the blanks.

Don’t forget to think about how regular people will be searching for information.  You want to make sure that you are using the right keywords to direct traffic to your article.  Think about going on a trip.  You have to drive to your destination.  The freeway is a fast way to get there.  You know where you want to go, but you don’t really know the area.   You pay attention to the signs on the way to the city where you want to go.  In the online world, the signs are the keywords that you use.  It is still known as the information super highway.  You want to give all the clues that you can to the search engines to let them know what your article is about.

Writing your article is going to be the easy part.  Just start filling in each section with your content.  The first draft is not going to be perfect, so don’t try to be.  Just start transferring the information to the page.  Don’t stop writing, just start pouring the information in to your new article.

Your outline will be completely filled in with information.  Do you have an article yet?  Not really.  There is another step that your grade school teacher would explain that you need to complete.  You have to go back and read through your work.   Remember, we said that the first draft is not going to be perfect.  Now is the time to put on your inspector Gadget hat and start looking for errors.  Take a few minutes to step away from your content.  Come back with some fresh eyes and read it.  Are the sentences flowing smoothly?  Did you spot any typing errors?  Can you reword a few sentences to make them sound better and more clear?  This is your chance to catch mistakes before you send your new article on to the world wide web.

If you are publishing your content on your own blog, all you have to do is hit the publish button and your work is live and available for people from around the internet.  If you are sending your new article to an article directory, you are at the point of article submission.  You might still have to wait before you get the article approved.

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