Blog Content – Get Creative

It does not have to take all day to come up with some content for your blog.   Come up with a quick plan for creating your content and then put it into action.

The online  world is waiting for your new contribution.  You have something to say about the current topics going on that are important to you.  This is what blogging is all about.  It is about sharing information from your perspective.

How easy is it to create something new?  Just start writing down some concepts and then turn them into words.  You might want to talk about what you watched on tv last night.  You might want to scream at the tv for them taking a main character off of the good wife.  You might want to talk about the crazy news about the Philadelphia Eagles considering letting their best wide receiver ( Deshawn Jackson, I hope he ends up on the 49ers roster) go.

Blog content can be anything that you choose to put online.  You don’t have to stick to hard news.  You could decide to spend just a few minutes and write interesting stories.  Use your creativity that you put back on the shelf after college or high school.  It could be good to use a few minutes a day to brush up on your typing skills and come up with something new that is not happening in the real world.  You don’t know, you might just have something good enough to turn into a movie.

Blog posts can be made to review other products.  Talk about that brand new ninja blender that you bought to start making green smoothies to help lose some weight.  There are probably  a lot of other people that saw those commericals and made the move to get one.  There also might be a lot of people sitting on the sidelines thinking about buying a ninja blender instead of the more expensive vitamix.  How do you like the smoothies that the ninja produces?  Do you think that the smoothies are too gritty?  Don’t tell me about it, write a blog post about it and share it online.

Make a list of the things that you want to do and then come up with a plan.  It works for football teams and it can work for your blog.  Sure, the plans don’t always work out.  I am looking at you Denver Broncos.  You still have to get on the field of play and test your plan against all the other plans that are in action.  Sometimes the plan works and other times you get totally toasted.

Your blog can go anywhere that you want to take it.  You can talk about the Oakland Raiders bringing in Matt Shaub ( probably not the greatest move, but maybe the best option they have right now ) or you could leverage other content.  There is plenty of content online available that you can get from free or next to nothing called plr.  This can be a quick way to come up with new content.

The blog does not have to be locked into just text.  You can hit your readers with more than just black and white words.  Add more elements.  Use multiple formats.  Take some pictures, create graphics and make some videos.  Your content might miss the mark in one format, but score in another one.

Take action on your blog.   Make quick videos, create audio files, and create pictures and graphics.  Treat your blog like a real business.  Take the first steps to start generating online income.

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