Blog Comments – Are you giving real comments on popular blogs?

What do you think about blog commenting? There are lots of bloggers on the web that are working really hard to create content that is entertaining and educational. One of the benefits of using a blog is the built in commenting system. Blog comments allow you to add your own responses to the information that is presented. Many people use blog commenting just for their own money making purposes. How can they do that? They might look up a blog and just add basic spam comments that don’t make any sense and that don’t add to the conversation.

Real blog comments can help take the conversation into new directions. There is a benefit that you can get from adding real comments to a popular blog. The blog might get lots of views and the people that follow the blog might be interested in reading the commentary of the blog followers. Some blog commenting systems allow you to enter a web address and an email account. This information might show up in your blog comment profile. Your blog comments might spark an interest from the other readers on the site and they might just take a look at what other information that you have available.

All you have to do to see the power of blog commenting is to visit a site like bleacherreport dot com. This is a sports related blog and there are lots of followers. You have people that are passionate about sports that have no problem giving their opinions on the latest sports topics. Blog commenting engages the readers and the article authors. It can be a great exchange of ideas.

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