Black Friday – Did you buy anything on Black Friday?

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Black friday deals are hard to pass up. There are some people that go to any lengths to get a good deal. You see them standing in line for hours on end. They sometimes even setup camps outside of the large big box stores like best buy, target and walmart. Did you participate in the black friday sales this year?

I went into stores on black friday, but I didn’t get up really early in the morning and I didn’t go to a mall. Do you really want to be elbow to elbow with other shoppers? It just seems like too much for a deal. Plus a lot of the stuff that they advertise is not going to be there when you are ready to buy it.

The good thing about black friday is that there are lots of other deals available at some of the smaller stores. You might only look at the big box retailers and miss out on deals at smaller stores. I went to smaller discount chain on black friday after the initial mad rush was over. They still had some good stuff available.

Super cheap prices for memory cards. The price was stupid low on the black friday. I don’t know why I passed up on the deal. They had 16gb sd cards for under 7 dollars. Ads were promoting usb, sd, and microsd cards but the people in the store said those products were long gone by the morning.

One good thing about black friday now is that more stores are using the websites. Avoiding the mad rush is a priority. The online deals go fast. With online black friday deals you have to be persistent. I added a samsung smartphone for boostmobile to my cart and it was available in the morning. I went to another site and closed a browser and when I came back and checked again, the smartphone was not available. Then the next day, they had more smartphones available again. It was weird.

Even if you didn’t shop for anything on black friday, don’t worry. There is always cyber monday!

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