Black Friday Deals – Get ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching fast and there are going to be some good deals. This year companies are even starting to come back with the old layaway plans. Black Friday is about getting your deals on electronics like cheap dell computers and laptops, big screen tvs and xbox kinect.

I don’t know if I am ready to do what some will to get a deal on a cheap computer. Are you going to get up early on black friday and attempt to get a deal? Are you ready to setup camp in front of a big box retailer like Best Buy, Target or Walmart? I don’t think I can go that far.

There are other places that offer good deals on black friday that you might not have thought about. Think about the small office supply stores. They too have black friday deals that might get your attention. Officemax and Office Depot could have some really good deals. Also check online. You might not need to get out the house to get a deal on black friday.

If you are going to get up early and brave the crowds, get a friend and a good cup of coffee and have a fun time trying to get the best deals that you can. Some stores will have special offers at other times during the day in addition to the morning rush.

Make black friday a good day and don’t take it too far like the folks that stampede or throw elbows to get a laptop. Make sure that you are kind to the people working on black friday because some people can be downright rude when they are hyped up on black friday. Those store employees might know where the goodies can still be found. To treat them right and have a great day on black friday.

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