Black Friday and Gift Cards

Black Friday is coming up quick.  So if you don’t find the deal you want during the Black Friday Shopping Spree don’t worry.  Even if you miss out on the super low door buster deals, a gift card might still be a good gift this season.  People love electronics but you don’t want to buy the wrong thing.  A gift card lets your loved ones pick what they really want.

Coming up with the appropriate gift card amount is another factor.  You don’t want to purchase a gift card and not be able to get the item that they desire.  A $100 gift card might not be enough to cover the price of an xbox 360 with kinect or a new iphone 4s? 

Another downside of using gift cards is that you limit the stores that you can choose from to purchase products.  So make sure that the person you are buying the gift card for likes the store first.

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