at home business – upgrading your blog

Do you have a home business blog? If you do it might be time to upgrade or change your blogging system. There are a lot of home businesses that do not have a website. A blog can be a quick way to get online. In the quest to get online fast you might have chosen a free blogging system when got started online. But now you know the ropes of blogging and are ready to step it up a bit.

Getting a domain name for your blog should be the first step. Showing that your blog is hosted at a free site might not look as good to a potential client as having your own web domain name. Domain names are not expensive and they provide a little more of a professional look. Dot coms are probably better than any of the other domain extensions.

Are you ready to get off the free blogging platforms and move up to web hosting? You might be limited with free blogging sites. They are quick ways to setup blogs but you might be getting more visitors. Consider getting your own web hosting account. Even if you don’t delete your old blog at the free hosting site, you can point those old readers to your new site. When you host your own site it gives you more freedom. Changing to wordpress can give you access to more blog themes and plugins. These small software applications can make your site look more professional and provide much more functionality.

Setting up a wordpress site can be simple with the right web hosting account. WordPress quick installs can get your site up in a few minutes. Hostgator provides affordable web hosting and wordpress quick installs. Once you make the switch you can get back to work on building your business.

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