Article Writing Tips – The Secrets to Writing Fast Content

What are the secrets to writing content fast? The secrets are simple. Just like a lot of the other areas in your life, writing content helps if you are organized.

Organize your thoughts and organize your writing. Break the topics down that you want to cover. It is really simple. Just write down all of the areas that you want to cover. Nothing really earth shattering. Just the basics. Keep adding them one by one until you are done. Now you have that perfect outline that you need to get started with your writing.

Once the outline is done, your writing task becomes much easier. Start taking a swing at each one of those topics. You can just go to town with your writing. Get it all on the page. You don’t have to stop to think about what you are pouring on the page, just get it in there. Before you know it, the whole page will be filled up with content. Don’t worry about it at this point, just go through the motions of doing a physical mind dump on to the page.

After you get all of your ideas on the page, you can step away for a few moments. Did you forget to add something that you think is important to the article? If you did, you can stick it in there. When you are writing your article fast, it is not going to be a masterpiece after the first draft. Remember the grade school writing classes. You are going through with the first draft to get your information on the page, but you know that it is only the first draft. It will be cut down and edited later.

Now that you have an article written, you can become your own article surgeon. You are now going to trim your big fat article down to size like one of those high priced plastic surgeons. Visualize yourself as a big time fat sucking doctor from the tv series nip/tuck. You are going to take this big blob of content and turn yourself into a george foreman mean lean grilling machine. You are going to get all of the fat out. Start reading through your article and think about making it sound better. Are you using big words, could it be said in a more clear manner? Now is the time to get this done. It is also the time where you can work on the flow of the article. You can move paragraphs around if you need to.

All you have to do now is spit shine that sucker. Snap that towel and give your article a once over. Read it to yourself or read it aloud. This might help you identify any areas that you might have missed during the writing and editing process.

All done. Hit the post button on your blog. Save it on your hard drive or crank up your copy of audacity and turn it into an audio file. Did you just here the bell ring on the kitchen timer. That cake is cooked! You got it done.

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