Article Writing Tips – Organize and Take Action

You can come up with all kinds of articles when it comes to writing content.  The process does not have to be hard or difficult.  Just sit down and work yourself through the writing process.  You can write articles just like you are talking to one of your friends.

What is going on with you right now?  Are you ready for the holiday season?  Are you juiced for black friday?  There could be tons of stuff that is happening that you can use for your writing content.  Just sit back and think about all of those ideas before you get to writing.

Make a list of different topics.  Pull a pen and pad, and start coming up with words.  Just flush them from your mind into the piece of paper.  Now, you have something to work with.

Layout your first article. One tough part might be coming up with headlines.  This is not a problem.  You don’t have to start from scratch with headlines.  Just take a look at some of the headlines that you see in your favorite magazines or the paper.  They are spending lots of time coming up with what works.  You might have a pile of magazines laying around the house collecting dust.  Open them up and see how they are selling those ads.   Now you can come up with your own headlines.

Make a quick list of the items and topics that you want to cover in your article.  You might be talking about electronics.  You might want to discuss the differences between generic wireless keyboard mouse combos and the named brand wireless keyboard mouse combos.  List your topic areas.  Put as many as you need.  Doing this one simple step can help with getting organized.

The work of writing the article just got that much easier.  You can hit each paragraph with your information and before you know it, your word count is popping up like a bag of microwave popcorn.  You can zap those articles with ease.

The search engine changes have lots of people worried.  Just write your content with the end user in mind.  Happy posting.

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