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How many articles do you think you can write? Start with a plan and then put your writing plan into action. Content is always in demand online. You just have to look at how things are changing. People are not just sitting in front of their computers at home. Now people have mobile devices that allow them to get access to information. Pick your niche and then start creating information with articles.

Pick your topic and start writing.  Is it really harder than that?  Nope.  You can pick something that you already know about and you can start writing articles.  You might wonder what you can talk about with your articles?  The door is open on this one.  Just start listing some of the things that you like to do.  Create a brainstorming list and see how many topics that you want to cover.

Once you get your list together, you can start coming up with good headlines.  You can start writing your headlines before you start doing your writing.  Headlines can be the guards that you use to stay in your writing lanes.  It is really easy to get off topic when you are writing your drafts.  Before you really start pulling your articles together, you can take one more step to making your articles complete quickly.  What is the big secret?  It is really simple and something that will make your writing flow faster.  All you have to do is start listing all the topics that you want to cover in your article.  It seems really basic, but it helps you focus more when it is time to write.

You might have a lot of different subtopics.  This is a good thing.  Now you can start writing and basically knocking out the paragraphs like they are weak fighters up against a heavyweight champ.  You might cover those small topics with a few sentences.  Before you know it, you have a long article that is packed with good information.  You could easily just hit the publish button and move on to the next article.

One idea that you should consider, if you are posting to a blog is creating a publishing schedule.  What happens if you create a bunch of articles during one day?  Are you going to publish them all at the same time?  It might be better to space out some of your writing? Why is this a good idea?  You can basically think about it like drip feeding your lawn.  What would happen if you turned on the sprinkler system and let it run all day long?  You might walk into your front lawn and see that a lot of water is just running off the grass and flowing into the street.  Your lawn has enough water for one day.   Instead of saturating your blog, you could do just like the other neighbors on the street do to keep their grass green.  They might setup a sprinkler system with an automatic timer.  Set the time and when the water needs to be turned on and off.  You can do the same with your blog.  As you create each new article, set a time for it to go live.

You are an article writing power house.  All you need to do is get started and get the creative content rolling.  You can always find a new article to write.  If you are having a hard time coming up with something new to say, you can always just look around at the products and services that you use.  Start asking yourself questions.  Do you like the dvd player that you have?  What do you think about the new movies that are getting released this week?  There are always going to be new topics to discuss and write about.  All you need to do is start transferring some of those thoughts that you have running around in your head into a computer.  The content can keep flowing.

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