Article Traffic Generation – Evergreen Articles for Getting Views on Your Website

Article writing for traffic generation for your websites and blogs is a labor intensive option online. Think about the main points that you want to cover. Write down all the topics that you want to hit in your articles. Think about where you want to post your articles online. Are you going to post on multiple article directories? The article directories have taken it on the chin recently, but you still might want to post content there.

Article traffic generation doesn’t have to be limited to posting content in a directory. There are plenty of other ways that you can use articles. Get more from your articles by tweeting about them and sharing them on your social networks. What information could you tweet? When you have a new article, make a few tweets about the content of your article. Include the article title or come up with a better keyword phrase that is related to your article.

Take your article traffic generation up a notch. Take a bunch of articles that are on a similar topic and create your own ebook. You might have a lot of articles that you posted to an article directory that have not received the attention that they deserve. What about compiling them into an ebook? You could save it as a pdf and then give it away for free or stick a price on it and sell it.

One key to remember about the articles and ebooks that you create is to keep them evergreen. What is meant by evergreen? You want to focus on topics that are going to be relevant in the future. Some topics will always be popular. They are topics that are common and will require good content and solutions in the future. Can you think of any topics related to your area that are evergreen? What happens every year right around the beginning of the year? People want to lose weight. They start joining gyms and they get exercise programs. Your article traffic generation methods should be focused on tying your articles to topics that will be important in the future.

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