Article Marketing – Writing Articles and not getting any traffic

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Writing articles is a free method for getting web traffic to your home business site. All you have to do is come up with an exciting topic and get your article approved. The thing that most people find out is that it is getting tougher to get your articles approved and you might not get the traffic that you are looking for soon after you submit your article.

Articles are going to be needed for the long term and you have to take a long term view. You never know which articles are going to be successful and start sending you some traffic. There has been a difference since the google panda update. Not all article directories are the same, but before panda, you might have seen more views on your articles and now it seems with some of the lesser known article directories that the traffic is almost shut off.

What are your options for getting traffic now that the changes have come into play? You could tough it out in the hopes that you will still be able to get some traffic. Some traffic is better than no traffic at all. This is still free marketing. It might end up being less competition as some other writers decide to give up on article marketing with the article directories. You could shift some of your focus from writing from article directories and instead start building up your own blogs and websites. This could and should be your long term strategy anyway. Give your own sites some love with new content that can lead to some passive income in the future.

Is it time to start thinking about turning those free articles that you post on the directories into something new. What about making your own ebooks? If you are writing a lot for the article directories and not getting any traffic, then think about turning that content into something that you can give away to build your list or sell for a small amount. The amazon kindle electronic reader is a hit in the marketplace. Inexpensive content could be a new revenue stream for your home business.

The article directories have been going through some changes as a result of the google panda update. They are requiring longer articles and the approval process is tighter. You have a decision to make regarding where to post your information. Is it still worth it to use article directories when you are not getting any traffic from it? Search engines change all the time. The good thing about using article directories is the future benefit that your articles can bring. You don’t know if one of your articles that starts out as a dud will remain that way. What if in the next two years your articles start to pick up steam? Starting thinking about taking a balanced approach to your online marketing methods for your home business. Write articles for your own sites, post to article directories on a consistent basis, and think about creating your own ebooks for long term income opportunities.

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