Article Marketing – Write Content and Think Long Term


Article Marketing

Marketing with articles is not a difficult strategy to understand.  Content is always in demand.  All you have to do is think about all the sites on the internet.  They are continuing to get created all the time.  Those sites are going to need new information added to them.

Writing articles uses your skills and talent.  You can write content on all kinds of topics.  What about writing content around areas that you enjoy.  You can write about things that you have passion about.  Articles are just one form of writing.

Where are you going to place the articles that you write?  You might write them and place them on your own sites.  You could also write articles and strategically place them on other blogs that get lots of web traffic.  Guest blogging is another option for your written content.  You approach other blogs and offer them content.  Why would you want to do this?  This could be a chance to get your content in front of a large audience.  When people read the guest blog post, they will have a chance to see your link and information.  If your article is good, they might decide to click your link and see more of your content.

Write articles might be attractive for a number of different reasons.  One thing about writing content is that it is there for the long haul.  When you create articles, you have a long term marketing option at play.  Your written articles might not pull any traffic today or tomorrow.  What happens if your articles are written in such a way that they are evergreen and timeless.  They might drive traffic years down the line.  That is the power of using article marketing.  You just don’t know when the traffic will show up.  It could be a few web visits this month or it could be a large mass of traffic that floods in years from now.

Writing articles is like adding one more brick to your online marketing wall.  When you are writing content for your own sites, you might try to earn income from the articles using ad services like google adsense or affiliate marketing links.  Another way to get more out of the traffic that you generate with articles is to setup a email sign up box.

Your articles can drive traffic, but you don’t want to lose that traffic forever.  Your articles get web visitors to land on your blog pages and you want to take full advantage of the opportunity.  You want to get the email address of the web visitor so that you can build a relationship through email marketing.  This can give you more chances to provide more information and product offers.  What happens if you don’t collect the web visitors email address?  They might not like the offer that you are promoting and they could easily leave your site forever.  If you get their email address, you can continue to send the information that gets delivered to their email account as long as they stay subscribed to your email list.

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