Article Marketing – Using Your Writing Skills by Writing Squidoo Lenses

Writing content to drive traffic to your sites is a constant challenge. Where should you post your content? Posting articles at article directories is one common way of attempting to get traffic. All article sites are not on the same level. You can post content there and not see the results that you are looking for. It might be time to try some of the web 2.0 sites for your article marketing efforts. Squidoo is an online community where you can post your high quality unique content.

Creating a squidoo lens is simple. You don’t need to know much html to get things done. Start by selecting a squidoo lens title. This includes picking a url where your new squidoo page will be located. Squidoo usually places dashes between each word in your title, but I learned that you can change the url. After selecting a url, you will need to assign your lens to a category.

Just like the rest of the web, squidoo keeps the information organized. The next step is picking keywords for your new squidoo lens. You can pull up your favorite keyword tool and get the best keywords available. There are plenty of free keyword tools to choose from like the google keyword tool or traffic travis.

Squidoo lenses are a little bit different from what you might expect at an article directory. Squidoo an online community. There are squidoo points and levels that allow you to get access to more items on the squidoo site.

What exactly is a squidoo lens and how is it different from a regular blog post or article? A squidoo lens is really a group of modules that are placed together to form a page. There are lots of different squidoo modules that you can add, move or change. Squidoo makes it easy to add modules for amazon, ebay and lots of other options.

The squidoo text module is commonly used. If you have lots of text that you want to add to your squidoo page, the text module is going to become your close friend. The text module has a title and description area and a body area where you can write to your hearts desire.

Squidoo is all about the user experience and they encourage the use of photos and videos on squidoo pages. They give you extra points for adding images to your squidoo pages. Squidoo can be used without a lot of knowledge of html, but it could come in handy when it comes to formatting.

You can get more out of your squidoo lens by using some of the other sites related to squidoo. Squidutils is one site that you should checkout. You can copy and paste html code and alter it for your pages. This can cut down on the time to create your squidoo pages.

Are you an affiliate marketer? Squidoo doesn’t look down on people that want to earn a little bit of extra income using the web. They actually encourage it. You can share in the wealth. Squidoo makes it easy to add amazon associates links and ebay links to your pages. You can even post your own affiliate links in your squidoo pages.

Squidoo is a great place to post content online. You can create high quality content and link back to your own websites and blogs. Squidoo pages get views and people place comments and share the content through social media applications. If you are writing original content for the web, you should take a look at using squidoo.

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