Article Marketing Tips – Writing Headlines that grab attention by the collar

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You might have really good content, but if your readers are not getting past the headline, you are losing. Put yourself in your readers shoes. They are online searching for information and they are using keywords. They have a lot of information to sort through. It really is like a needle in a hay stack. You want to think about how you can turn your needle into something that jumps at the reader like the monster in the 3d horror movie that keeps you up at night. Your headlines don’t have to be scary like freddy kruger or jason, they just need to cause the reader to stop and get engaged enough to want to click through to learn more.

Boring Headlines Get Ignored Like College Students asking Congress for lower student loan interest rates

Your online audience is just like congress. They don’t care about what you have to say in the details. If your headline is not making enough noise, they are going to completely ignore you and go on about their business. Do you want to get dissed by online readers? Can you see your potential online readers viewing your headline and then immediately skipping on to the next title? What is there reason for wanting to learn more if your headline is boring?

Make Your Headlines Attention Grabbing Like a Linebacker Snatching a Quarterback for a sack

Your headlines need to be like some of those funny skit shows like off their rockers. There is one where a lady in a wheel chair is just calmly riding along and there are people walking in front of her. All of a sudden she hits them with her loud horn on her motorized wheel chair. The people are stunned and wondering what is going on. The horn gets their attention. You are writing headlines that have to get the same kind of reaction. You want to get readers to notice your content. Your content might be really crap, but they will never know unless you get them to click through to view it first.

Make Your Headlines Visual like a Peep Show

You are not trying to really do a peep show online. You just want to think about the tactics. What is the first thing that you think of when it comes to las vegas? Did you think about the lights? They get your attention don’t they. You want to get the online viewer to stop and want to investigate a little bit more. You don’t have to think about a peep show, but you want to think about the process.

Make Your Headlines Draw People In like Super Magnet

What do people really want? People want to learn something new. People don’t like losing things. They don’t like it when people take away stuff or feel like they are being kept cheated out of information. What if I told you that there is a secret to getting more people to view your content online? Are you interested? You are not going to get the secrets until you get inside. Have you ever picked up a magazine that did the same thing with the headline? Did the information really live up to the hype? Probably not. They did get you to take action and pick up the magazine and read it.

Make Your Headlines Leave Out the Details like Mystery Movie

The bottom line is that people want to know. How many times have you watched a tv promo for a new program? They keep you watching year after year without really learning the secret until the end. Have you ever watched the cbs tv show called the mentalist? The main character has been trying to find the villain since the first episode. They only give clues, but you don’t ever really get anywhere. Each week people are going to continue to tune in and watch those episodes until they find out what they have been looking for. It is almost like you are creating a breadcrumb trail. Your headline is just like dropping the first little nugget on the trail. What is going to be so important about your topic that will cause people to have to click to learn more?

Weak Headlines Steal Your Internet Views Like a Masked Thief Robbing an Old Lady in broad daylight

You have spent a lot of time creating good content, right? There is a suspect that is trying to tear down your business. You have seen the mugshot. You know the story. He wants to take your web viewers and laugh at you and all of your hard work. You already know who the culprit is. He is working in the background. Plotting and planning on how to keep people from the best story that you have ever written. Are you going to let him succeed? Do you want know the name of this thug that is ready to do your content harm? His name is boring. Boring is out to destroy your online views like the cast of the expendables 2 liked to create havoc. Don’t let boring win. Dunk on boring like Lebron James going through the middle of the lane in the nba finals with all the camera lights flashing.

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