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It really all breaks down to lead generation.  Writing articles with the purpose of getting prospects into your sales funnel.  This is different from just writing articles with links to affiliate products.

Content Creation

You are creating information that grabs attention and meets a need.  There are people that have wants and your content is the key to getting them closer to their desired goals. Write the content that is attractive and gets them what they want.

It is all about giving to get.  You are providing information for free in the form of articles and you are asking them to join your newsletter.  They fill out the forms with first name and email address.  They get a free ebook.  You get a direct line of communication through your newsletter or ezine.

Why is this powerful? Now you have a chance to open a stream of content that can inform and provide access to different offers over time.  This is a much better option than sending prospects directly to an offer.  What happens if they don’t like the offer? They are gone and you might not ever get them back.  Don’t waste the clicks that are generated with your article content.

It is called list building.  It is called lead generation.  It is really just building a direct line to customers for your business.

Have you ever signed up for something online?  You come across a lot of advertising online.  What makes you decide to click the button to enter your own email information?  Do you pay attention to the headlines?  Starting thinking about writing down the headlines that you click on.

One of the headlines that get me to move forward is free.  I just actually clicked on a headline ad on the front page of the warrior forum.  The ad talked about list building, so I had to take a chance to see what they were talking about.

Writing articles with speed is a way to get more done.  You could improve your writing speed and be able to get more articles created and placed online.  Cut down on the number of mistakes that you make while writing and you can be more productive.

Organize your articles before you write them.  This can be really simple to do.  When you are driving down the highway, there are lane markers that help guide you and provide order.  This can be the same way that you approach your article writing.  What about creating topics that are in the same lane?  What about creating lists of keywords that are in the same lane?  Just doing a little big of prep work could allow you to write with more focus.

Breaking your articles down into sections or topics that you want to cover can be helpful.  You can organize your thoughts and hit each subject with the an accurate writing punch.  Your online writing lanes can help you keep the articles moving in the right direction.

Brainstorm your topics to come up with different exits that you can take with your content.  One word can lead to another word.  Now you can think about branching into new areas.  You don’t have to keep it all in your writing document.  There are brainstorming programs that you can use to create a visual picture of your ideas.

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