Article Marketing Tips – Using Amazines

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Article marketing is one way to help get traffic for your website.  You might have a brand new blog and want to help get people to visit.  Spending money on advertising might not be at the top of your list.  One way to get traffic is to head on over to an article directory.  Sign up with amazines.  They have a simple user interface and they don’t take forever to approve your articles.

You will find that all article directories are not the same.  Ezinearticles is still a good place to add your content but the time frames and approvals can get tricky.  Amazines reviews your articles fast and gets them on the web quickly.

Come up with good headlines that will make your audience want to click to learn more.  The thing to remember about using article directories is who your target audience is.  There are plenty of people with websites that are looking for content to share with their readers.  They go to websites like amazines and ezinearticles to find good content.  Make sure that the articles that you are posting at the directories are good enough to leave a good impression.

Getting your articles republished on other websites can expose them to new audiences.  You never know when those articles will start doing double duty and start sending you traffic to your sites.  Just make sure to include links at the end of your article to a site that you know will be live in future.  Sometimes you can come across articles in the article directories that point to websites that are no longer active.

If you decide to change websites, make sure to edit your older articles to make sure that you don’t send your good traffic to nowhere.  Article directories like are easy to use.  Another benefit of using them is there bulk article submit feature.  You can copy the article template and enter multiple articles and submit them all for approval at one time.  This can be a great feature if you have lots of articles that you want to add to your account.

Article marketing is a good short term and long term web traffic generation plan.  You might get a quick shot of traffic from your articles now and you could continue to receive traffic from your articles in the future if they are evergreen topics.

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