Article Marketing Tips – Use Storytelling in Your Articles

Are you having a hard time coming up with articles?  Don’t let it get to your head.  You have plenty of ways to start creating more articles for your blogs and other online properties.  All you need to do is start using story telling for your articles.

Why should you use story telling?  You can be creative and start tapping into using stories to help create your content.  Just think about it.  You can use long and boring words if you want, but it is easy to tell a simple story.

What are some elements that can go into a story? Start with some characters.  You could come up with characters that have certain ways of thinking and functions.   Start by coming up with a name.  How many people do you want to include in your story?  This is all up to you.

How do you want your story to end?  You can start with the ending and then start building your way back to the beginning.  Create the big plots for your articles.  You can then start expanding on the areas where you want to put more attention.

Does your story need to have some conflict?  It could make your story more interesting?  Are their good guys and bad guys?  Think about how it relates to your business.

Stories can be used to educate and entertain.  It could be a good way to share some main points without being too boring.  A story can give your readers a visual view of what you want to explain.  Do you remember being a kid and wanting someone to read you a bedtime story?  Does that picture pop into your head while you are reading this?  Did you think about someone special from your past when that line was introduced?   Your stories can do the same thing.  They can play like movie inside of the minds of your audience.

You can plan your stories and turn them into articles that can be enjoyable and helpful at the same time.  All you have to do is decide to start adding story telling to your writing toolkit.  Why is story telling important for your articles?  Good stories can have a long impact.

Write your articles with evergreen intentions.  You want your ideas to stick.  You want your articles have a lasting impact.  So are you ready to start writing your articles with stories?  Create some characters.  Start at the end of the story and work your way back.  Add a little bit of drama to your story.   You can be entertaining and educational.

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