Article Marketing Tips – Pin Your Target Audience Down MMA Style


You don’t want your articles to be boring. You want them to be engaging and get your readers to do something when they finish with reading the article.  Taking your readers on a trip is not that hard to do.

Come up with some good headlines for your article to get them going in the right direction.  You can think about the different types of headlines that get you to pay attention.  You can find some clues just by checking your regular mail or looking at some of the magazines.  You can also pay attention the next time that you are on your favorite online website or blog.   Look at the structure of the headlines that you see and start making a note of them.

Your articles don’t have to be really technical.  They can just be entertaining and educational.  What are the main points that you want to cover with your article?  You could start at the end and start bringing in the elements that you want to share.  Is there a simple story that you can relate to your topic that makes it easy to understand?  I talked about mma in this headline.  There might still be some people that don’t know what mma stands for, but you want to use the terms that will connect with the audience you are trying to attract.

MMA stands for mixed martial arts.  It is like throwing boxing, wrestling and martial arts into the same fight.  How can this relate to your article marketing options?  Think about your article marketing with this in mind.  Use different types of styles for your article marketing efforts.

How can you find different styles for your article marketing?  There are lots of different writing styles.  Write in the tone of your audience.  Test different article lengths.  Make some short and some longer.  See which kind of articles are more effective.

Ask more questions?  You can ask questions of yourself and pose questions to your audience?  Each new question is like another potential road that you can take.

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Write More Articles

Keep creating new articles.  You have to learning and growing.  Make some lists of potential article topics and write as often as you can.  Athletes practice a lot before they finally get to game time.  Think about your writing the same way.  Keep coming up with new content and exploring new ideas.

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Keep Writing Articles

Know ahead of time what you want your articles to do.  Some writers just want to use the article to get page views.  They might be going after contextual ad traffic.  Other writers might be looking to use article to get more leads.  The bottom line is that you need to think about the type of writing that fits the type of action that you want the reader to take.

Are you writing to make immediate sales?  Your writing style might need to change.  Your writing styles have to be flexible and ready to adapt.  Is there a time frame that you are trying to get people to respond?  Consider writing evergreen content that doesn’t have an expiration date on it.  When you think of expiration dates, what immediately comes to mind?  Milk maybe?  Can you see yourself going to your refridgerator opening the door and putting your hands on a gallon of milk and slowing taking your other hand to the top of the milk and unscrewing the cap.  You make sure not to look at the expiration date.  What is that?  The smell immediately invades your personal space and your face automatically responds to the stimuli that is coming from the carton.  Take your readers on a visual trip to get them pinned down mma style.

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