Article Marketing Tips – How to post articles on Amazines Article Directory

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Article marketing is a good free concept for getting free traffic to your websites or blogs.  Part of the online marketing strategy of article marketing is making sure that you pick the right places to post your content.  All article directories are not of the same quality.  Amazines is an article directory that you should take a look at.

There are plenty of article directories.  The top article directory for you to post your content is probably  The only issue with them is that getting your articles approved is more difficult.  The process of getting your articles approved with amazines is a much smoother process.

So what do you have to do to get your articles into amazines? Just create good quality content and pay attention to the rules.  Come up with a good headline for your article.  You can do some research to find highly searched keywords that you can include.  Make sure to remember that you are trying to get the attention of people that want to republish your article.

Give good information in the body of your article.  Create a strong call to action at the end of your post.  Give your audience a good meaty article that they can really sink their teeth into.  Tag your article with the keywords that are related to your topic.  Take a look at the different categories that are available.  You can assign up to three article categories, so choose them wisely.  When you are done, just hit the submit button.  Your article will be assigned the pending status.  It should not take long for the reviews of amazines to give your article an up or down vote.

Submitting your articles to amazines is simple process.  What happens if you have a lot of content that you want to add?  They even have a bulk submit function.  You can load lots of articles at one time.   Instead of spending a lot of time doing article submissions, you could do it in a more organized fashion with bulk submit.  Just another good reason to use amazines as a online destination for your articles.

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