Article Marketing Tips – Grab Your Audience Mixed Martial Arts Style

Business is competition.  Your articles are fighting for traffic.  All you need to do is go to some of the top article directories and take a look at all the articles.  People are using article marketing to get traffic.  The directories are filled with new articles everyday.

Writing general articles might not get the traffic that you are looking for.  Think niche before you come up with your article titles and content.  General topics are the big tent, but you want to get down to specifics.

You could write a topic about computers, but that would not be a niche topic.  There are lots of different types of computers.  Desktop computers, laptop computers, and tablet computers are just three computer types.  Try to think about the person that would want to read your articles before you publish them on a directory or blog.

Are you focusing on the keywords that you include in your articles?  The google free keyword tool is gone, but you can still come up with good words that fit your topic.  Getting back to the computer example, narrow down some of the phrases.  Think about all the different topics that are specific types of computers.  What are the top computers?  Who makes the best cheap computers?  Are you paying attention to the computer models?  It can help to consider the details.

Your articles are fighting other articles for the top of the octagon.  You can think about your articles in terms of a cage match.  Have you seen that commercial for the movie called world war z?  They show fast moving zombies that seem to be moving like a tidal wave.  That is what the article marketing competition is like.  Right now there are people all over the globe that are trying to grab new viewers with their content.

Are your articles ready to do battle online?  There are going to be writers that publish content in your specific category and readers are going to make the final choice.  Are they going to read your article topic and keep looking?  You want your article titles to put the reader into an online head lock like the mma fighters use on opponents.  MMA fighters are ready to use everything.  They do more than just the regular boxer.  They get down and dirty.  They take the other fighters down to the floor and make them tapout.

You can write the best article and post it online.  You have to remember that a great article can still be hidden behind a bad title.  You want your online articles to be flashy and have substance.  If your article was a boxer, you would want it to like Floyd Mayweather.  The article would brag and boast.  When it is time to fight, the funny character goes away and the skilled tactician shows up that goes to work in a meticulous fashion and surgically removes all doubt about the real master.

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