Article Marketing Tips – Get Started and Write Those Articles

Write those articles

  • Have fun and write
  • Explore new ideas and thoughts
  • Brush up on your typing and grammar

You need articles for affiliate marketing

  • Good high quality information with affiliate links
  • Drive traffic with your content

You need articles for Google Adsense

  • Good content for your niche
  • Think Niche Articles and Topics

You need articles for your readers

  • New articles means your site is active
  • Keep your readers new content

Be creative with your articles

  • Try new things
  • Come at article topics from different angles

Be boring with your articles

  • Stick to the information
  • Use data in your articles
  • Use graphs in your articles

Be funny with your articles

  • Articles can be fun and quick
  • All articles don’t have to be serious

Tell stories with your articles

  • Can you tell a good story to make your point?
  • Stories can make your writing go faster

Break your articles up

  • Slice your big articles into a series of articles
  • Readers might like the bite size version of articles instead of the king size

Combine your articles

  • Leverage your small articles and topics into new articles
  • How are the article topics related or different?

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