Article Marketing Tips – Choosing the Right Article Directories

All article marketing directories are not the same. You will spend a lot of time creating articles and posting them online. Make sure that you check the results that you are getting from article directories.

What are some thing to look for? After you add a few articles to a directory, see how many views your articles receive. If you are posting articles, but the article views are really low, you might have a problem.

People have to view your articles in order for them to be successful. You are trying to get web developers and ezine owners to republish your articles. Your article headlines can have something to do with your view counts.

Check the web for the top article directories. Ezinearticles is a top article directory, but it is getting harder to get articles approved there. You have to consider everything that goes into getting your articles approved. Is the article directory a little too strict? If they are, it might be time to start taking a look at other directories.

When it comes to article directories, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Find different places online to submit your content. Article directories are not the only game in town either. You can do article marketing on other blogs or web 2.0 sites. One benefit of using article directories over web 2.0 sites is that you might not have to do a lot of article revisions. Places like squidoo now require you to keep those articles ( lenses ) updated.

Choosing the right article directories for your articles is not something that will be set in stone. The thing to remember is that the online space is always changing. A site that is performing well for you today, might not be performing good for you in the future. It is best to keep your online marketing options open by keeping an eye out for new online areas for posting your content.

Sites pop up online all the time and a site that you might think is solid might not be around in a few years. You just never know. So another thing to keep in mind is to keep adding your content to your own sites first.

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