Article Marketing Tips – Brainstorming article topics

Article marketing requires a lot of work and effort. Have you ever run into an issue with coming up with new article ideas? Brainstorming is a method that you can use to help get out of that funk and get your writing articles again.

Brainstorming is letting your mind wander into new areas that can lead to a spark that results in new waves of creativity. You could be sitting the computer having a hard time trying to come up with a new article for your blog or for the article directories. Instead of looking at the screen, it might be more helpful to do something different to open yourself up to new creative juices and flow.

You could go old school and get a blank piece of paper and a pen. Then start dumping all the words that are coming into your head on the paper. You are not trying to filter anything, just going with the flow of what is related to your topic. Some of it might seem like it is out of left field, but that is what brainstorming is for. You are trying to come up with something different that you have not thought of before.

Brainstorm for as long as you can. Then walk away from it. Come back to it later and see what you have written down. Do you see anything there that makes any sense at all. Are there any topics that are related?

You don’t have to just use old technology to do your brainstorming sessions. There are software programs that can document your sessions. Freemind is one that comes to mind. You will have to learn how to use it and it could slow you down a bit. The benefit is that it can be clean and clear to read and it can make connections for you visually.

What can you do with all the information that you have just created. The information could turn into new articles and blog posts. It could also be nuggets of info that could be keywords that you use to tag your content. Brainstorming is something that you can add to your writing toolkit to help when you run into mental road blocks on your path to creating new content.

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