Article Marketing Tips – Be prepared for your content to get jacked

It just goes to show you that content really is desired online. You spend a lot of time writing articles for traffic to your site and then one day, you see that people are taking it without giving you any credit.

What are you going to do? It is just a matter of time before it happens to you. Online content is in demand and some people find it hard to just give you a little bit of credit for the work that you have done.  You could get upset and get pushed out of shape, but don’t.  It really is a form of flattery.   Your writing is so good that people want to take it and use it for themselves.

Don’t stop your article marketing efforts because of the people that choose to take your content without giving you credit.  It is a shocker when it happens to you.  Just send them an email and move on.

When it first happens, you get a little upset.  But don’t.  It just means that you are getting better at your writing skills and people are starting to take notice.  The thing to remember is to keep planting those seeds.  Keep writing those articles and publishing them.

It is kind of sad to see that an article that I wrote was showing up in the google index, but my site has been de-indexed.  People are going to another site to read my content and I get no chance of getting any potential new readers or make any income from potential ad dollars.  It is okay.

Article marketing is just like any other product that is available.  Sometimes your content is going to get jacked.  If it happens to you, just know that you are in good company.  Just like the big movie studios and the fashion designers, you have now officially arrived.  Your content is so good that people have to take it.  It is good being the original.

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