Article Marketing – How to write articles for the article directories

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Article marketing is something that just about anyone can do online. Why would you want to spend your time creating articles? Maybe you want more traffic for your blog or website. The thought of spending money on pay per click ads might turn your stomach. You could have a lot of free time, but not the cash that is needed for paid advertising.

Writing articles and getting them in front of a wide audience is the goal. The free article directories are the first stop on this train. You supply the high quality content and hope that web masters and developers with large lists pick your content to share with their readers.

The process for getting started with article directories is real simple. Sign up and start creating content that will get people to want to use it. Come up with good headlines that grab attention. You want a headline that will be a show stopper. Think about the headlines that you see on your favorite magazines or websites. This is the direction that you want to be heading with your article titles. Grab attention. Next, you have to actually write the article. Article directories have requirements for what they will accept. The rules have become tougher since the google panda, and google penguin updates. Make sure that you follow the rules for submitting articles so that you don’t waste a lot of time with article revisions.

At the end of your article, the directories usually give you an area to make your call to action. This can be a short sentence or two that gets people to click through to your links. Where are you going to send them? You could provide links to your mailing list landing page or to your blog or website. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your article marketing efforts.

Some people want to send the traffic directly to an affiliate offer, but that is probably not a good idea. Those article directories frown on that practice and it could keep your article from getting approved. Plus, affiliate offers can go away and you don’t want to lose that traffic to an offer that is no longer available. Make sure that the links that you provide are going to be live when the traffic comes through. Sometimes you will find that the links in article directories are bouncing to error messages. What a waste of time and effort.

Make sure to tag your information with the right keywords. Use the google free keyword tool or other keyword software like traffic travis that can help you identify what people are searching for around your topic. A few different words can make a big difference.

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All you have to do now is get started with article marketing. Write your articles and get them in front of the targeted traffic that you are searching for. Article marketing can be your tool for getting free traffic to your sites.

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