Article Directory Marketing Tips – Check Your Links

Creating and adding articles to an article directory is a free marketing method that many people around the globe choose to use. All directories are not the same and the process for adding articles can be clunky. After going through the hard work of creating articles, you don’t want to drop the ball when it comes to your links.

Make sure that you check the links that you submit to the article directory in your article. When it comes to html, all it takes is one mistake and all of your hard work can go down the drain. Submitting your articles to the directories might require a time for them to process and check your article to make sure that it is up to the article directory submission guidelines. Sometimes mistakes happen when it comes to the links that you include in your call to action.

Check the call to action links to make sure that they resolve to your website or blog. Don’t let your writing go unrewarded when it comes to generating traffic back to your site. The whole purpose of using the article directories is to gain more traffic and you want the links that you provide to work successfully.

Make sure that you do a check on the articles that you have posted to the article directories. This can turn into a real job when the number of articles that you have published begins to increase. Make sure that you schedule some time during the week to check your work and check your links. Who knows, you might end up re-reading your articles and come up with more article ideas. You might even decide to start sending the links to another location.

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