Article Directories – The long term strategy for traffic and backlinks

How often do you post to the article directories? The reason that most people use them is to try to get traffic coming to their sites. Writing articles can be time consuming but it can be fun too. It all depends on how you want to approach article and content creation.

Article Directories – Post for the Backlinks and the Web Traffic

Article directories give you an opportunity to share your content with web developers and ezine owners. You want them to find your articles and repost them on their sites. This can provide you with some powerful backlinks. Backlinks are links back to your website. This information is usually included at the end of your article in your bio section. You will write a brief description about yourself and include a link or two that leads back to your blog or website. Learn more about how backlinks can help your site right here.

Article Directories – Expose Your Writing to a Wider Audience

Writing for article directories can expose your information to a larger audience than just your blog or site. Come up with good headlines that get web developers and ezine owners to want to use your stuff. Getting your article approved just got harder due to the google panda update.

Article Directories – Tougher Standards After Google Panda Update

Article directories tighted the standards for what they will allow in. These changes included longer article lengths, more human reviews, and harder scrutiny on certain topics and categories. It can get frustrating when dealing with some article directories after these changes, but your goal is to get in a get your articles in front of more eyeballs. So stay focused on your goals and get them in.

Article Directories – Keep your links live and ready

One thing that you need to pay attention to is your domain name. Have you ever clicked on a link and it went nowhere? When you post articles to an article directory you need to keep your site live in the future or it will be wasted effort. You never know when those articles in the directory will deliver traffic.

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